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Last night on KWAM 990AM's Thaddeus Matthews Radio Show, Eddie "Snowman" Crawford called out Jerry "The King" Lawler on the air. They also called Corey Maclin and left a message on his voicemail. Below is a little bit from the show.

A clip from the Thaddeus Matthews Show w/Snowman

Thaddeus Matthews & Snowman call Corey Maclin

Thaddeus Matthews Blog

Below is a video of one of the Snowman/Lawler incidents.

Opening Contest

Steven Rampage def. Cody Moore via pinfall in just over 4 minutes after Rampage got his feet on the ropes to secure the win.

Second Contest

Baron Malkavain def. Dell Tucker and Rockin Randy in a Triple Threat Match via pinfall in 7 minutes after Baron hit the Devil' Wings from the middle rope on Rockin Randy and crashed Randy's body on top of Dell Tucker's body. Baron's winning streak in MAW continues after this win.

Before we could move on to our next match, Reno Diamond and Derrick King made their way out. King carried the MAW Heavyweight Title, though he isn't the champion. Reno and King decided to berate the crowd with insults and make a point that they know Jerry Lynn isn't going to be there. KC Gold, Johnny Morton, and Chris Lexx make their way out to confront them. Derrick makes more of the point about Lynn when he doesn't come out with them. As Morton and Lexx talk back and forth with them in the ring, KC gets a phone call and makes his way to the back. After a few minutes, KC comes out and lets Derrick and Reno know that Jerry Lynn is 20 minutes away and to lace them up tight because he would be ready for them.

Third Contest | Falls Count Anywhere

Dre Black def. Danny B Good via DQ in about 6 minutes after Dre through our Referee Robert in the way of a "Revolution". After Danny fought back and tried to make the pin, it appeared the referee was about to make the count until he called for the bell and told Danny he was disqualified. The fight between these two men is far from over.

Fourth Contest | Street Fight II

Armageddon def. Big Country via pinfall after 10 minutes of brawling. Big Country was busted open hard with a Stop sign attached to a 2x4 and just never recovered from it. After the match, Armageddon decided to sitout chokeslam on the referee and before he could go after anyone else, it was KC Gold getting his big man under control to head to the back. Big Country, still dazed and out of it, made yet another challenge to Armageddon, seeking a 4 Corners of Pain match. More details on that later on

In what was suppose to be our intermission, Jason Richards, Marcus O'Neil, Antoin Smooth, and Ms. Nikki made their way out to the announce table and challenged special guest commentator Carnage Antwane to a match. Jason is seeking his third straight victory over Carnage, as Jason has always had the help to beat him. A referee came out and one big boot later in 7 seconds, Carnage Antwane def. Jason Richards. Marcus O'Neil then made the challenge after that, but the match never got under way as The Crime and Jeremy Killz rushed the ring and all ganged up on Carnage. Bishop made his way to the ring and scared away all, but Crime and Marcus. Bishop hit the spear on Marcus and then on Crime. Bishop and Carnage have seen eye to eye, but tonight, Bishop shook the hand of Carnage. Carnage then made his way back to the table to continue the evening.

Fifth Match

The Golden Boy Greg Anthony def. Flash Flannigan via pinfall after 11 minutes of action after using a foreign object cupped in his hand. At the end of the match, TGB brought a chair into the ring, but was quickly disarmed by Flash. Flash, in a fit of rage, looked to use the chair to his advantage. The referee took the chair and as he discarded it, TGB was able to use an object in his tights, hit Flash, and get the pinfall victory.

Sixth Match | MAW Southern Championship

Chris Lexx def. Precious to retain the MAW Southern Championship in a long, hard fought contest. These two men brought everything they had to the ring and left it there when all was said and done. Precious, along with his manager Mr. L, did everything in their power to keep Chris Lexx grounded, but it was the quick elbow drop from the top rope that secured the victory for TFO's Chris Lexx.

Main Event

After everyone minus Lynn made their way to the ring, Derrick made it a point once again to show that he was right about what he said. KC Gold got on the mic and let Derrick know that he is wrong. At this point, Jerry Lynn makes his way out and after a few moments slapping the hands of some eager fans, it was time for action.

Johnny Morton and Jerry Lynn def. Reno Diamond and Derrick King via pinfall to pick up the victory after Chris Lexx came in and hit the Lexxicution on Derrick King!. Johnny Morton made the pinfall as Jerry Lynn launched an aerial assault to the outside to Reno Diamond. After the bell rung, a man ran from the back and jumped Johnny Morton and Chris Lexx. Lynn was left on the outside as Derrick, Reno, and this unknown man beat up on Lexx and Morton. Lynn got a chair and made the save. As Derrick and company took the mic, it was made aware to everyone in the Daisy that there just isn't a wrestling show without a Shawn Shultz promo. Shawn introduced himself and after few moments of back and forth on the mic, KC Gold made two matches for September's "Memphis 10" event at the New Daisy. It would be Derrick King and Shawn Shultz taking on Johnny Morton and Chris Lexx and Reno Diamond would have a one on one match with Jerry Lynn!

Crowd: 125

Memphis Wrestling in Memphis, TN with the RedBirds with Kevin White, Sue Young, Lawler, Test, Joey Mercury, Kid Kash, Derrick King, Koko B Ware and more.

Memphis Redbirds: Schedule
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MAW This Sunday!

Come out and support your local pro wrestlers as they put their bodies and careers on the line to entertain the people of Memphis!

Appearing will be former WCW, WWE, ECW, and TNA superstar JERRY LYNN, along with Memphis Wrestling stars DERRICK KING, RENO DIAMOND, CHRIS LEXX, and many more!

TO GET ADVANCE TICKETS FOR $6 CALL 901-282-7197 OR 901-644-3464 OR PAY $8 AT THE DOOR.

Midsouth Allstar Wrestling at the New Daisy Theatre on Beale Street at 7pm
Unknown Road
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More On Kaz/TNA Inside

By Ryan Clark | July 23, 2008

To put the speculation to rest, Frankie "Kaz" Kazarian's apparent departure from TNA is indeed a storyline/angle. He's really not leaving TNA, despite the announcement they put up on the company website. To play up the storyline, his profile has been removed from the website.
More On Kaz/TNA Inside -
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Remember This Guy?

from Straight Cash Homey Dot Net

Brock Lesnar, Minnesota Vikings: When most people say the Vikings are only “one piece away,” they’re thinking of Brett Favre. This guy’s thinking of someone with suplexing ability. Which could also be Brett Favre, but he means Brock Lesnar. (Found by Anthony at WWE’s Great American Bash.)
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From RAW 7-21-08

Embedded Video

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For those who have asked, there is currently an on again/off again real-life relationship between John Cena and Mickie James. The two are dating and the storyline used on TV was a small rib on the two but has since been scrapped.'s currently holding a contest for fans to win some prizes such as a laptop computer, a Playstation 3 package, the SummerSlam Anthology set, a $250 WWE Shop gift certificate, and more. In the sign-up form, they ask you to choose your favorite WWE Superstar. It's a drop down list featuring every Superstar on the roster, including the names of two wrestlers that have yet to debut on television.

When Ron Killings makes his television debut, his name will apparently be "R-Truth." That name is listed in the drop down menu. The menu also lists a wrestler that has yet to even work a house show or dark match.

The drop down menu lists a wrestler by the name of Tyrone Evans, who is a developmental wrestler in Florida Championship Wrestling. WWE signed Evans to a contract earlier in the year. They're also listing the latest additions to the main roster including Brian Kendrick's bodyguard Ezekiel, Braden Walker, Ricky Ortiz, and Theodore Long's assistant Tiffany. The list also features Drew McIntyre & James Curtis, who aren't apart of the main roster, and Ashley Massaro, who recently parted ways with WWE. Both Highlanders are also listed twice by accident.

John Cena/Mickie James Dating, Ron Killings New Name, More -
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Written by Steven Hunter
Monday, 21 July 2008

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 7-19-08
at the TIWF Showplex Arena- Trenton, Tn.

The beginning of the show saw Drew Magruder come to the ring and announce that he was back from his fundraising tour of the heartland ( Mainly Missouri) for the Randy in 08 campaign. Drew also announced that Hotrod was still absent at an undisclosed hospital in Memphis.

Criss Braggs def. Shawn Reed def. Weasel ( Triple Threat Match)

Simone’ pinned Boogeyman Scream in an intergender match

Big Boy Bob & JD Rage def. X-3

The Outlaw© def. Chico Mendoza

#1 Contenders Match
Simon Reed def. Byron Wilcott

Mark Southern© def. Tank Turner

AJ Bradley was in the back talking to the bookers.
Simone’ is former OVW women’s champion.
Byron Wilcott also wrestles for OVW and has done stints in Germany but is in the states for right now.

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation TV can be seen on E+TV6 each and every Sat. at noon and Primetime at 6 at
Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results from 7/19 in Trenton, TN | Indy Wrestling News
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Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller beat The Texas Hangmen on 5/13 in Memphis to win the USWA tag titles. Also Bill Dundee won the Southern title the same night beating Eric Embry. Both matches were billed as losers leave the USWA. .

5/17 at the Dallas Sportatorium drew 230 fans as Tom Prichard pinned Mascara del Fuego, Jeff Jarrett pinned El Grande Pistolero, Tojo Yamamoto (63 years old) & Little Tokyo beat Danny Davis & Karate Kid, Bill Dundee beat Boogie Man, Robert Fuller & Jeff Jarrett beat Eric Embry & Tom Prichard in a tornado match but after the match The Texas Hangmen attacked Jarrett & Fuller, Sweet Georgia Brown pinned Madeline Collins, Karate Kid pinned Little Tokyo but after the match Embry & Prichard beat up the midget until Fuller & Jarrett made the save and the finale saw Gary Young & Terry Daniels beat Hangmen via DQ when J.C. Ice Baby interfered.

5/24 has Eddie Gilbert & Dundee vs. Tony Anthony & Boogie Man, Dundee vs. Embry in a cage match, Fuller & Jarrett vs. Prichard & Embry in a cage match (that's right, Embry is in two cage matches on this show), Sweet Georgia Brown vs. Sweet Sherri and El Grande Pistolero vs. Hurricane Walker from Florida.

Only news I've got this week from Memphis is the results of the 5/13 card that drew about 730 fans as Little Tokyo & Tojo beat Davis & Karate Kid, Eddie Gilbert no contest Anthony, Sweet Georgia Brown beat Uptown Bruno in a loser leaves town match, Prichard beat Steve Keirn in a loser leaves town match, Jarrett & Fuller beat Hangmen in a loser leaves town match to win the tag team titles and Bill Dundee beat Embry to win the Southern title in a loser leaves town match.

Don't even know how they had a card on 5/20 in Memphis if Embry wasn't around, because of late he's been in at least two or three main events per show.

Danny Davis is on his way out.

A correction from last week in the angle involving Uptown Bruno and Sweet Georgia Brown. Bruno never kissed Brown, just gave her a light hug.


Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online -- WWE, TNA, UFC and International Wrestling and MMA Headlines - Wrestling Observer Newsletter - May 27, 1991
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By Ryan Clark | July 21, 2008

The following statement appeared on today and was then later removed for unknown reasons:

TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION WRESTLING TO PART WAYS WITH KAZ has learned that at the end of this month, Kaz will leave Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Kaz requested his release on Monday morning.

Before departing TNA, Kaz has agreed to fulfill his obligations of competing at this weekend's live events in North and South Carolina.

Kaz will appear on the premiere episode of the new "Karen's Angle" interview segment this Thursday night on "iMPACT!" to comment on his departure and his reasons for doing so.

TNA Wrestling wishes Kaz all the best in his future
Breaking News: TNA Releases Main Event Star -
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From the Official MySpace page of Kenny"StarMaker" Bolin:
John Cena Vs Lance Cade with Kenny Bolin @ Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Tonight! Bell time is 6PM. Both men have asked the "Starmaker" to manage them. They are both member of Bolin Services. Who will i choose? Will i choose either one. Come out and see. We are expecting over 5000 fans so get there early.

See ya at 6pm. Seet and greet at 5pm for VIP Members. Read Bulletin

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Embedded Video

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A scheduled appearance by Tammy “Sunny” Sytch is one of the highlights of Maryland Championship Wrestling’s Shamrock Cup tonight at The New Green Room in Dundalk.

The former WWE diva will be participating in a meet and greet before the show along with Balls Mahoney, Steve Corino and more.

The first round of the Shamrock Cup features a match between Joey Matthews (formerly Joey Mercury of MNM) and Ruckus. Also participating in the tournament tonight are former WCW star Crowbar, Ring of Honor’s Claudio Castagnoli and Delirious and others.

In addition to the tournament, MCW champion Christian York defends against Adam Flash in a two-out-of-three falls match, with Corino as the special guest referee. The first fall is “I quit” rules, followed by last man standing and then a chain match if there is a third fall. There also will be a ladder match for the MCW tag-team title pitting champions The Ghetto Mafia against Ryan McBride and Teddy Stigma.

From what my sources tell me, there also will be a new referee on the card tonight who looks exactly like me.

The Shamrock Cup concludes tomorrow night, and former WWE champion and You Tube star The Iron Sheik will participate in a Q&A in the afternoon. Now that should really be something.

For more information on the MCW shows, go to

Ring Posts: Forecast for Baltimore: Sunny - Kevin Eck on professional wrestling, WWF, WWE and Raw -
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Ric Flair, John Cena, Kelly Kelly, and Chris Jericho all appeared at the FCW TV taping last night. Cena worked a segment where he gave Shawn Spears an FU. Commentators were Dusty Rhodes and Todd Grisham.

Weekend schedule:RAW:
* Saturday - Springfield, Massachusetts
* Sunday - Uniondale, New York [Great American Bash PPV]
* Monday - Mohegan Sun Arena, Connecticut [RAW Taping]
* Saturday - Springfield, Massachusetts
* Sunday - Uniondale, New York [Great American Bash PPV]
* Tuesday - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [SD/ECW Taping]
* Friday - Tyler, Texas
* Saturday - Monroe, Louisiana
* Sunday - North Little Rock, Arkansas

UFC also has a FREE show on SpikeTV on Saturday night and the Affliction PPV will run head-to-head with it live on PPV. The Affliction event features Fedor vs. Tim Sylvia.
FCW Updates From Last Night, Huge WWE/TNA/MMA Weekend -
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